The Brexit clock is ticking : how should you prepare for it?

on Jan 9, 2018 in News

Law Square and PwC talk about the necessary and urgent risk and readiness assessment for businesses to prepare for the inevitable impact of Brexit.  Join us during our event in Brussels on Monday, 5 February.

On 5 February 2018, Law Square will hold its next flagship Brexit seminar, an event jointly organised with PwC. While we have now entered the second phase of the Brexit negotiations, Brexit still raises a lot of questions, amongst others, around the risks and challenges now faced by companies. Brexit will indeed affect nearly every business unit of a company, and businesses should therefore plan and prepare for this impact. This exclusive event is therefore aimed at helping businesses understand why and how they should assess all consequences of Brexit from a strategic, operational and risk management perspective.

During a few hours, our legal and technical experts will discuss the general framework and current progress of the negotiations, potential outcomes, scope of the impact, and areas of Brexit assessment for businesses (supply chain and logistics, legal, people and mobility, direct tax, customs, VAT, industry regulations, etc.). Their presentations will be followed by a panel debate led by Fernand Dimidschstein, Partner at Strategy&, where experts such as Mr Marc Adriansens, CEO at ICO (International Car Operators) and Chairman of APZI (Association Port of Zeebrugge Interests) and Mr Bernard Frenay, CFO at Euroclear, will share a business perspective and will focus on what businesses are currently already doing in order to assess the Brexit impact.

Registration is open, so make sure to seize this opportunity to attend a though-provoking debate and inspiring discussion with experts and peers on the necessary and essential Brexit risk and readiness assessment.

To register, click here.

Venue and timing

5 February 2018

PwC Offices Brussels
Woluwedal 18
1932 Zaventem

4.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. followed by a networking drink.

This event is free of charge.

For more information, please contact Ine Lejeune.