Law Square contributing its expertise to FEB’s “Ateliers” on Data Protection

on Oct 20, 2016 in News

Our expert, Carolyne Vande Vorst will discuss roles of data processors and data controllers as well as liability and sanctions under GDPR

The FEB – the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium – is organizing a new cycle of five workshops or “Ateliers” on various provisions of the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’. This 2-year cycle started in May 2016 with the objective of focusing via several sessions on distinct new measures and elements of the regulation and providing concrete and practical information to the audience about each specific theme.

The three first workshops concentrated on the topics of “How to prepare to be compliant with the regulation”, “The legal basis for the processing of data before and after the regulation” and “Human Resources and data protection”, respectively. This 4th Atelier, which will take place on Tuesday 25 October in the FEB offices, will focus on the theme of “Liability and sanctions – Distribution of obligations between data processor and subcontractor”.

Carolyne Vande Vorst, Senior Managing Associate at Law Square, and expert in the fields of Privacy & Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Consumer Regulations, has been invited to participate in the lunch session and bring her expertise to the table. Carolyne has gained in-depth expertise over the years in data and privacy, both from a governance, strategy, risk and compliance perspective. She was amongst others an external advisor for Bart Tommelein, the previous Belgian State Secretary in charge of Privacy.

Carolyne will discuss and answer questions about, amongst others, responsibilities and obligations of the data controller and data processor, sub-contracting, data transfers, liability of each party and potential sanctions as well as the related impact on the organisation concerned.

The lunch-time session will also include some practical cases.

For more information on the event, please click here.


Carolyne Vande Vorst
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