Tax litigation and tax dispute resolution

Budgetary pressure on tax authorities worldwide is increasing, and the number of tax audits and investigations is rising. Tax authorities cooperate and exchange information within the EU and beyond. Data mining, e-auditing, anti-abuse legislation, joint liability provisions and a wide variety of measures to stop fraud are being used to help enforce the tax legislation.

Disputes can be related to all types of taxes: personal income taxes, employee benefits and pension arrangements, corporate income taxes, transfer pricing, VAT, customs and excise, environmental taxes and other indirect taxes, inheritance tax, registration duties and local taxes. We provide you with support throughout the tax dispute lifecycle to minimise the impact on your business and its reputation.

With our expertise in tax policy, tax litigation and tax dispute prevention, we can:

  • Develop local/global coordinated dispute resolution and litigation strategies: to litigate, or to negotiate?
  • Develop your defence strategy making use of national legislation, EU law and the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Assist with both regulatory and voluntary disclosure
  • Act on your behalf during audits, (fraud) investigations and raids
  • Assist with administrative appeals and settlement discussions through negotiation with authorities, policymakers and mediation and arbitration procedures
  • Defend your interests in the courts in Belgium, the EU and the European Court of Justice
  • File complaints with the European Commission as part of your defence and to protect your interests in EU Member States

We have longstanding and constructive working relationships with tax authorities, the European Commission and government stakeholders in both the EU and beyond.