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Not-for-profit in 2016 – challenges of a serious business


Our economic and social environment has changed rapidly over the last twenty years. We are today more than ever confronted with important challenges with respect to matters of general interest such as demographic growth, climate change, health care, energy saving, etc.  Key principles such as innovation, globalisation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility also clearly play an increasingly important role in doing business. Social economy becomes a serious business.  

In this context, it seems logical that new business models are emerging. Some of these new businesses aim to fulfil a service of general interest rather than pursue profits. Others continue to operate within a profit-aimed commercial context, combined with a “non-profit” dimension.

This is where we add value

Law Square specialists will help you face the challenges that come with this new social environment.

We assist you in designing or redesigning your business or organisation, on a national or international level and advise you in choosing the best legal set-up for your organisation. Our assistance goes beyond that. We help you create a legal framework to realise your strategy and long-term goals and execute your project.

This includes optimising your funding and expenditure structure (e.g. membership contributions, donations, service fees), and providing you with state-of-the-art expertise in setting up the best governance structure for your business.

We accompany you in your day-to-day activities. This can be related to the drafting of tailor-made contracts (e.g. cooperation agreements, service agreements, marketing or sponsoring agreements), but also helping you with the organisation and realisation of a specific project.

Finally, our specialists have in-depth demonstrated expertise in restructuring national and international groups of organisations and businesses. These restructurings are often complex, both from a legal and operational point of view and therefore require practical and creative solutions.

Make sure you stay ahead, with a clear focus on the future and the opportunities that our changing environment brings along.