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Karin Winters - Partner | Law Square

Karin Winters

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Pierre Queritet - Geassocieerd advocaat/Avocat associé | Law Square

Pierre Queritet

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Bart Vanstaen

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Getting the right advice before, during and after an M&A transaction can make the difference between success and failure. Our team has your interests covered and is here to help maximise the advantages while mitigating risk.

When advice on M&A matters most

You’re considering:

  • selling or buying a Belgian business or division
  • entering into a joint venture
  • acquiring a minority or majority interest
  • forming a strategic alliance
  • restructuring or streamlining your internal group organisation or business model

Getting the right M&A legal advice

You’ll need:

  • a comprehensive assessment of the legal risks related to the corporate status, assets, contracts, securities, intellectual property etc.
  • legal expertise at the negotiating table and in drafting the transactional or restructuring documents to make sure they’re aligned with financial and tax considerations and that your interests are protected

We’ll apply our M&A expertise to help you every step of the way by:

  • assisting you with all transaction contracts, from negotiation to drafting, including letters of intent, confidentiality and exclusivity agreements, share purchase agreements and representations and warranties
  • carrying out a full legal due diligence to assess the main risks and to find ways to reduce them
  • advising on the legal aspects of deal structuring and handling its legal implementation, including carve-outs, mergers and demergers, and cash-extraction mechanisms (e.g. equity stripping)
  • organising the deal closing and giving post-deal advice (e.g. on claims for breaches of the representations and warranties or price adjustment mechanisms; on taking actions to deal with tax, legal, labour or other risks)


Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses: do’s and don’ts

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