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Karin Winters - Partner | Law Square

Karin Winters

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Pierre Queritet - Geassocieerd advocaat/Avocat associé | Law Square

Pierre Queritet

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Bart Vanstaen | Law Square

Bart Vanstaen

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Getting the right legal framework in place can help you make the most of business opportunities. Accuracy and precision in your contracts are key to clearly defining rights and obligations and lay the foundations for successful business relationships.

Drafting and negotiation advice

We can advise you during the drafting and negotiation of all types of business contracts and policies, including:

  • distribution contracts (e.g. agency, franchise agreements)
  • manufacturing agreements
  • licence agreements
  • (management) services agreements
  • intra-group cost-sharing and cash pooling
  • financial and operational leasing
  • B2B and B2C sales terms and conditions